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    Solubility of amphetamine salts

    Can anyone tell me what is the solubility of racemic amphetamine sulfate, phosphate and hydrochloride in water at room temperature? For sulfate, the Merck Index says 1:9 at room temp. (i.e. 1 g amphetamine sulfate needs 9 ml H2O to dissolve), which roughly agrees with 50-100 mg/ml @ 61 deg...
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    Solubility experiments

    Let's start a thread on how to measure solubility in general. For specific substances and solvents better start a separate thread, since most readers are probably more interested in the results than in academic discussions. Why? Knowing the solubility at various temperatures helps: determine...
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    MDMA.HCl solubility in acetone

    Introduction Acetone is often used to 'wash' MDMA.HCl, i.e. to reduce the amount of pollution before re-crystallization. See MDMA/ecstasy purification method. It's difficult to find data on solubility, probably because of the legal status in many countries. Using this data one can make better...
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