1. Username.Required

    UK Source For Methylamine? in Aqueous

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    I know China now have a ban on Methylamine Aqueous. I have ordered from a EU supplier and have had difficulty with waiting and haven't received from the EU country to UK for 2 weeks now and I want to see if anyone knows of any UK sources for methylamine? I've had a look at the suppliers but I...
  2. Dr.Mirakulix

    Can I use this for acetylations?

    Hello folks, I'm in need for an acetylation agent, acetic anhydride to be precise (I don't want to mess atound with unnecessarily toxic stuff like acetyl chloride). Anyways, while looking around I found this product (and only this product): (The title says 'Acetic acid 100%' in German) Is...
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