1. H

    spice help

    Hi everyone, i would like to find out if there are any decent spice(k2/legal highs) shops that would deliver to EU or UK? 2nd question is if i would be able to get all the stuff required to cook some myself (i have people in eastern eu who can buy it if availible there but im not sure what...
  2. William Dampier

    JWH-018 synthesis. Small scale.

    Reaction scheme: Reagents: Indole (cas 120-72-9) 0.117 g; Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) 1 g; 1-Naphthoyl chloride (cas 879-18-5) 0.286 g; Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) 0.16 g; 1-Bromopentane (cas 110-53-2) 0.18 g; Ethanol (EtOH) 60 ml; Distilled water; Equipment and glassware: Microwave vial 5 ml...