1. X

    What overhead stirrier

    Hey guys , what stirrer mixer would work best for 5l 3neck pot. Still not ordered and dont want to.mistake it ;)
  2. Frit Buchner

    Check out my hotrod hotplate (pics)

    So not long ago I decided I needed a vacuum distillation kit. Well, to go from 0 to everything you need (glassware, vacuum pump, hot-stirplate, water pump ect.) It costs several dollars. I was looking to save money where I could, and upgrade as I went. I figured I would buy the cheapest hot...
  3. MuricanSpirit

    Home Laboratory: DIY Hot Plate Stirrer

    I fail to see why I should pay about 1000$ for a hotplate/magnetic stirrer if the tech is so simple. Is it possible to just throw a hotplate over a stirring plate (if the stirring plate is strong enough to keep rotating eg. 5cm distance). Im not sure if the magnetic field interfers in any way...
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