1. Magicshroom

    [France] Drugs Market Study

    Breaking Bad 
    1. A legislative framework of France 1.1.A List of illicit drugs See the full list in Annex 1 • Cannabis is today the most consumed illegal drug in the country. In the following graph, we can see the evolution of cannabis consumption levels between 1992 and 2021, amongst people aged from 18...
  2. IntrusiveReaction

    Sci-hub here to help you - locked article unlocker

    Hello! I dont know if this is common knowledge or what, but I am posting it anyways. This tool has helped me a lot when researching and I know it can help a lot of you too! The tool is called ( they do change the domain sometimes, but it should be easily found). If you find a locked...
  3. dark_side_of_chemistry

    new idea for a mephedrone synthesis device from the recipe: Mephedrone synthesis in the NMP (large scale)

    Yo . I came up with another idea how to build a synthesis device ... (for mephedrone synthesis in nmp) thanks to the gravitational flow of the liquid we are able to divide the solution after the reaction (right after the methylamination is finished). Thanks to this, in tanks of this capacity...
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