1. Hodor

    Valerophenone CAS 1009-14-9

    Valerophenone cas 1009-14-9 is an aromatic ketone that is often used as a tool in the study of various photochemical processes. Valerophenone is also an inhibitor of the enzyme carbonyl reductase. 15USD/kg Product Description Product Name: Valerophenone Synonyms...
  2. 2-Bromovalerophenone synthesis from valerophenone

    2-Bromovalerophenone synthesis from valerophenone

    Valerophenone halogenation (CAS 1009-14-9) to 2-Bromovalerophenone (CAS 49851-31-2)
  3. Nitrochemis


    Valerophenone [99%] The highest quality product made only from raw materials from the EU. Product is in an aluminum bottle with a screw cap with a tamper evident ring. CAS No: 1009-14-9 Valerophenone is an aromatic ketone that consists of benzene substituted by a pentanoyl group. It has a...
  4. Constantylious777

    Constantylious Valerophenone

    Valerophenone 1l - 299 EUR 5l - 1250 EUR