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Jun 24, 2021
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Our project has existed for a long time and we have definitely managed to win the hearts of a large number of people. Thousands of people have rated the content, which we created, as high quality and professional. We have never met a negative assessment of our activities. We can unequivocally state the fact that we have become a recognizable, authoritative, professional community uniting thousands of people with similar interests and hobbies. There are hundreds of high-class manufacturers of various substances among us, who do this professionally at a high level. They supply many sellers with bulk quantities of their products. Many manufacturers was trained by us. We helped in different complex synthesis issues.

The drug market cannot exist without drug manufacturers. Quality product manufacturers are quickly gaining popularity and universal recognition. We haven't seen marketing promotion strategies based on quality goods sales directly from a manufacturer, first hand, in online communities until now.

Therefore, we will assign manufacturer statuses to users, who will be able to confirm to our experts that they have own manufacture, as well as report a synthesis method which is used to synthesize their product, from today. Users, who have received the manufacturer status, will be checked by the administration not only online. We will make random spot checks by making purchases from manufacturers sometimes. Then, we will carry out a qualitative analysis of their products in our independent laboratory and publish testing results.

We guarantee to approach the issue of assignment the manufacturer status very strictly. We will deprive this status for low-quality product sales.

From now on, a drugs buyer on the Internet will choose the best of the best and nothing worse!

How to get manufacturer status?
Contact @G.Patton with information about your product, by what method and how it was made. Be ready to answer additional questions about the synthesis and used precursors. Also, you have to provide anonymous photos of your lab.

If you are a marketplace or another thematic community representative and you like the concept that gives priority to a product quality, then you can easily join us. Our doors are open to everyone with good intends. We will be happy to confirm that the sellers, which are presented on your sites, are real manufacturers. We will be objective and impartial in our audit.

This topic is closed for discussion. Links to the accounts of manufacturers verified by the BB administration only, as well as the results of qualitative analyses of manufacturers' products, will be published here.​
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