Pink NASA 2C-B FUD in the UK


Don't buy from me
Oct 11, 2022
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There is some FUD on reddit about UK 2C-B being shit quality as 6 million pills were mixed poorly so there is no even distribution of 2C-B in the pills.

Complete bullshit.

The claim is that 6-7 million pills were made with a mixing process of only 1 hour when it should have been 24 and this means that there simply isn't a guarantee that there is any product in your pill.

7 million pills would require 140Kg's of pure 2C-B and ~1500Kg's of firmapress or fillers/binders etc.

That would NEVER get made, built, assembled and pressed in one go.
Hell, I would love to see the lab that produces that amount of 2C-B in a single batch... Yes, someone could BUY that amount of pure product to press, but even a pill press and mixer that could take that volume is extremely expensive and would most likely be attached to the lab that produces the gear. More likely is much smaller batches being made by smaller equipment over a period of time, meaning this problem would not be across an entire range of 6-7 million pills isolated in the UK.

So, if you are manufacturing pink NASA 2C-B and wondering why sales are slower (I doubt this has real world impact) just be aware of this.


If you want a laugh, go read some of the comments on reddit at
  • /r/2cb/comments/15zkyeg/dangerous_nasa_rockets/
  • /r/2cb/comments/15zns2p/uk_pink_nasas/
People saying stupid shit like "I weighed my pill and it was 19mg so probably only 12mg of that was 2C-B"
People are stoopid.

The Alchemist

Don't buy from me
Jun 7, 2023
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This is a well reasoned post. I appreciate you taking the time to dismantle nonsense with simple logic.

There was a golden time when RC's were just whatever chemical they were supposed to be and came in a weighted vaccuum sealed bag via dutch clearnet vendors. Then you could go to the darkweb and be sure your LSD was just that. Scammers, cheap, soulless husks fueled by nothing but greed have put all drug avenues on the same level as street drugs.... And even those are worse than ever!

Heck, you could buy meth on the street and be sure it was meth because it was the cheapest possible thing it could be. Nbomes, fentalogues, cocaine cut with amphetamines! Why can't we just do the drugs we want?

And now legions of misinformation? The corruption is deep seated and sick. The only way forward for me has been self sufficienty. Where is the trust.


Don't buy from me
May 26, 2023
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I personally don't like anything in pill form I know it's for marketing reasons and to make money I'm guessing just an old fart telling people to stay off my lawn when I say I don't trust pills I remember him pressed micro dots maybe I'm still gun shy but for your info bro
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