1. V

    3CMC/3MMC vendor needed!

    Looking for a vendor 
    It seems that my previous thread was not a succes so here we go again. Want to buy 3CMC or 3MMC, bulk orders, shipping to EU. I am sick and tired of scammers so if you have any intention please kindly and gently f.cuk off. Been scammed here already too many times, escrow way or no way. So...
  2. TheVacuumGuy


    I was looking over the properties of Hexane, and it seems a good fit do use as solvent . It is also cheap. Anyone experience with it for Mephedrone synthesis ?
  3. DragonLabz

    High yielding 4MMC synthesis / 2B4MP

    4MMC in dcm , addification in water with hcl37% Ph 5.5 Yield powder / 64% Yield crystals / 52% Thanks to @Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton @HIGGS BOSSON for giving us some good advice!
  4. 4

    3MMC synthesis?

    Hello, I'm newer to organic chemistry, and heard the easiest synthesis for beginners is 4mmc/3mmc. Now there are a lot of recipes for 4mmc, but can't find any for 3mmc. Any help? Thanks
  5. FerryBouman

    Looking for a 3MMC vendor

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hello, i am looking for a vendor that sells 3MMC (in bulk) and ships to Europe. If you are a vendor please send me a message with your prices etc :) For all the scammers reading this, don't waste your time xD
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