Highest quality Cannabinoid Precursor (5FADB/5CLADB/ADBB/FUB/JWH/Sgt etc. )and Raw materials supply, 100% Technical Support, 100% Quality Assurance.

    FLYRCLAB: We don't just create the present, we help you create the future! At FLYRCLAB, we specialize in the production of high quality pharmaceutical intermediates (precursors). Our quest for unrivaled quality and purity has always been our commitment. Our products undergo rigorous quality...

    5FADB precursor

    Formal Name:N-(1H-indazol-3-ylcarbonyl)-3-methyl-L-valine, methyl ester CAS Number:2709672-58-0 Molecular Formula:C15H19N3O3 Formula Weight:289.3 Purity:≥98% 【Delivery】We guarantee your parcel 100% customs clearance. We have experience in shipping without customs clearance and double customs...
  3. BackstagePanther

    Need synthesis of 6CL-ADB-A and 5F-SGT-151

    Hello, we are a lab from northern Greece. After the noid market crisis we are upgrading some equipment reading some publications / papers and we are determined, firstly to manage to craft those 2 on the title, as they are the most potent /active ones we know of the past 5 years. But we are...
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