1. L

    6CL-ADB-A (MDMB-5en-HENACA) solid product synthesis

    Anybody can help and share recipe how to prepare this noid? I tried to follow 5CL recipe both methods - ice water quench or DCM extraction + EtOH crystalisation too but not able to get solid (crystals) product. Precursor works very good with bromopentene, but with bromohexene always got just...
  2. BackstagePanther

    Need synthesis of 6CL-ADB-A and 5F-SGT-151

    Hello, we are a lab from northern Greece. After the noid market crisis we are upgrading some equipment reading some publications / papers and we are determined, firstly to manage to craft those 2 on the title, as they are the most potent /active ones we know of the past 5 years. But we are...
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