acetic anhydride

  1. C

    looking to buy acetic anhydride

    Looking for a vendor 
    looking to buy acetic anhydride in EU, if any vendors on here have it please pm me. Thanks
  2. G.Patton

    Heroin Synthesis From Morphine

    Introduction The key chemical used in the acetylation of morphine to form heroin is acetic anhydride, a colorless, highly combustible liquid with a strong pickle-like odor. Though internationally controlled as a heroin precursor, acetic anhydride also used to synthesize aspirin and chemicals for...
  3. Dr.Mirakulix

    Can I use this for acetylations?

    Hello folks, I'm in need for an acetylation agent, acetic anhydride to be precise (I don't want to mess atound with unnecessarily toxic stuff like acetyl chloride). Anyways, while looking around I found this product (and only this product): (The title says 'Acetic acid 100%' in German) Is...
  4. K

    Morphine sulfate to diacetylmorphine?

    I'm on a bunch of kadian, 1500mg a day, does anyone know how I could go from morphine sulfate to diacetylmorphine? I've already extracted a gram of it from the kadian.. How would I turn the sulfate to Free base then use acetic anhydride to make some Heron? Anybody with better chemistry than me...
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