amphetamine oil

  1. C

    Smelly amphetamine in Europe

    European amphetamine smells very very different from amphetamine in North America I find. I talked to a few people and was told that in Europe (except in the Netherlands) they take the amphetamine oil and instead of puryfing and crysallizing it they add caffeine and all sorts of different...
  2. KokosDreams

    EU Supplier for Mercury (II) Nitrate CAS 10045-94-0 for Amphetamine Freebase Synthesis

    Looking for a vendor 
    Dear Breaking Bad Community, I am Koko, I have been active on the DN since a few weeks. Since 4-5 months I am on the mission to understand the synthesis of Amphetamine Freebase. Mainly I am looking for 2 synthesis methods: 1. Manufacture Amphetamine Freebase from P2NP & Mercury (II) Nitrate...