breaking bad

  1. H

    Guess what I found

    I was looking for an index of the average prices of what can be found on the dark web and I came across this article ; I laughed so much, but I feel like they described us as killers
  2. G

    searching for pregBaline pills

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hello,I'm searching for pregabaline pills 💊 who sends their goods to Africa with express shipping
  3. G

    searching for hash vendor

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hi,I'm searching for hash vendor sends their goods to Africa 🙏
  4. Gusfring666

    Homemade production (correct me if I'm wrong)

    1-->Open the inhalers, a pair of really sharp blades should give. Place the cottons that were inside in a jar and close the lid. (Remember that you will use the twelve cottons.) 2-->In the bowl, combine 1/3 ounce of water with 2/3 ounce of acid Muriatic. Rag the cottons in this solution, and...
  5. Gusfring666

    Everything I learned these days about methamphetamine (correct me if I got it wrong, I'm still learning)

    Dilute hydrochloric acid–> This can be purchased at a hardware store. He It is sold as a block and sidewalk cleaner. They call it acid Muriatic. Sodium hydroxide–> This one, you probably already have. It's called "soda" caustic" or bleach in most places; is sink cleaner and Drains. Ethyl...
  6. P2NP Recrystallization

    P2NP Recrystallization

    1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP) recrystallization via IPA (isopropyl alcohol).
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