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    how safe are research chemicals?

    That depends on the research chemical, how you use it, where you get it from, and whether or not you verify the product’s identity. Bromaz when verified and dosed properly, are lower risk RC’s.
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    Wil je 4FMA / 6APB(Benzo) / 3-CMC (Miauw) kopen? Dan ben je bij ons aan het juiste adres! Onze research chemicals worden altijd in erkende laboratoria getest. ✓Capsules ✓Poeder ✓Scherpe prijzen ...
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    How did you ‘discover’ research chemicals?

    I got introduced to research chemicals when one day I was researching about Bromaz, it’s safety profile, and it’s legality. I don’t have a degree in chemistry or anything related to be able to truly engage with researching these substances, but I still find it all very intriguing. I’m curious as...
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