bromine synthesis

  1. CCL4 huffer

    A Bromine Synthesis with better Yields than the Clorine method.

    hello guys since i havent seen this synthesis on here i just wanted to add it since the good ol clorine method is kinda shit it leads to heavy clorine contamination and practicly wastes bromine salts so what u need for it is: - KBr,NaBr - conc sulfuric acid - a glas destilation setup -...
  2. Making bromine (Br2) from pool supplies

    Making bromine (Br2) from pool supplies

    In this video, I'll be making bromine from pool supplies and muriatic acid (HCl). The yield was around 75%. However, the amount of HCl used was much less than stoichiometric. I thought that this would reduce the possibility of HCl contamination in the final bromine product.
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