1. P

    Looking for supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3)? 2KG

    Looking for a vendor 
    As the title says i am looking for a supplier of 1-M-TOLYL-PENTAN-1-ONE (CAS 20359-57-3) 2KG? in Europe preferably, international vendor can work if they have rep.
  2. Constantylious777


  3. R

    chemistry beginner

    Looking for a vendor 
    Have never had any knowledge of chemicals but I would like to start if anybody could help guide me I would appreciate and return a favor for a favor anything that comes from Mexico I can send if told on how to ship safely only... I only have experience with mules as of right now sorry....
  4. R

    Red phosphorus use more time?

    Hello all. First time sorry for my English . My question is - is it possible to use red P from meth reaction (hi/p) more time? If yes,how to clean it ? Only by H2O or acetone ?
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