cocaine testing

  1. DMTrott

    Something About Your Cocaine

    A year or so ago, whilst putting the finishing touches to the cocaine section in The Drug Users Bible, I decided to include a short analysis of the market in the UK, with respect to the actual contents as submitted to a well known lab. Whilst this only represents the situation in one location at...
  2. E

    Cocaine use.

    Hello. I'm curious about cocaine and I would like to try it. However, I don't really want to develop an addiction. So how much time would you say it's prudent to have between each use so one don't get addicted. Thank you:)
  3. G.Patton

    Cocaine testing protocol

    Introduction You bought cocaine, but the product has strange effects. Then you decided to figure out its composition. You open this article and use it as a guide for experimenting. The list of manipulations with cocaine product, useful information for home tests and product brief are mentioned...
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