1. Ozzy Osbourne

    Monero – privacy enhanced cryptocurrency

    Contents: 1) What is Monero 2) Features of Monero 3) Binance's Monero delisting 4) Conclusion What is Monero Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, emerged in April 2014 as a response to the growing concerns about the lack of privacy in Bitcoin transactions. Created by an anonymous...
  2. handle

    Tainted Cryptocurrency Recovery Bill 2023

    Warning ⚠️ Ignore this at your own risk! Alarm is growing over proposed Cook Islands legislation, drafted by a US-based company, which could validate hacking into any account or system in the world. An investigation has learned that Drumcliffe, a high-value debt collector specialising in...
  3. HewHiSt

    Crypto protection

    How do you protect your crypto ? Do you use cold wallets or something else ? Can DEA seize our crypto and how can they do that ?
  4. VxhBNXMQQ

    websites to purchase crypto with debit and credit cards

    which websites or payment channels lets you buy crypto with little security and no KYC?
  5. D

    Climate Change and Cryptocurrencies: Impact and Solutions

    In this discussion topic, we will explore the impact of climate change in relation to cryptocurrencies and potential solutions. Some points of debate could include: Energy consumption: How does cryptocurrency mining contribute to energy consumption and carbon emissions? What are the...
  6. KokosDreams

    2023 Crypto Moon shots

    What's up fellas! It's clear to say that crypto can't be avoided when being active on the DN. Who is, besides using BTC/XMR for payment, also investing into crypto? For a long time I wished for a thread for all the crypto heads to share potential new projects or generally discuss the current...
  7. nomad

    Antinalysis: Analyze your bitcoin addresses and check if you're on a watchlist. An invaluable tool. Use whirlpool to mix your coins to get off a list. doesn't work, and if anything, adds you to more.
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