1. Ozzy Osbourne

    Monero – privacy enhanced cryptocurrency

    Contents: 1) What is Monero 2) Features of Monero 3) Binance's Monero delisting 4) Conclusion What is Monero Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, emerged in April 2014 as a response to the growing concerns about the lack of privacy in Bitcoin transactions. Created by an anonymous...
  2. Ozzy Osbourne

    The Basic Rules for Using Bitcoin Safely

    Contents: 1) What is AML / KYC 2) How often is Bitcoin used in the darknet 3) Tracking and analyzing Bitcoin transactions 4) How to buy Bitcoin safely What is AML/KYC AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) are regulatory measures put in place to combat financial crimes, such...
  3. HewHiSt

    Crypto protection

    How do you protect your crypto ? Do you use cold wallets or something else ? Can DEA seize our crypto and how can they do that ?
  4. C

    I want to buy cryptocurrencies

    Hello, I would like to know where I can buy cryptocurrencies cheaply or I would like to know how I can multiply my money without so much risk... I am a little new in the sector, I would like you to help me! I'm just someone who would like to earn a little more money so I can support my family a...
  5. primitiveintelectual


    What is the principle of payments? They sent me crypto from this forum to my account on an unnamed platform, then my account was blocked, they didn't want to give a specific reason, I was allowed to transfer the funds to the bank. They probably saw that the address from which the crypto is sent...
  6. L

    Bisq decentralized fiat->BTC -what is the most secure method of transferring fiat to BTC

    Hello, I was wondering the privacy and efficiency of the Bisq software in a business sense- I am having difficulty finding secure ways to transfer fiat to btc from which i can more easily "tumble" via non-KYC btc to monero exchanges. Is Bisq (P2P trading) a secure way to receive BTC from fiat...
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