crystal meth

  1. Power

    Converting a batch of meth to d-meth

    The meth is already made into ice can I take it and separate out the d-meth? can someone outline the process and it’s difficultly
  2. lsdkingpin

    dissolving and recrystalizing methamphetamine that was previously crystal but crushed

    I have a very good supplier of ephedrine made d-methamphetamine however in order to ship it safely past customs he crushes it into breadcrumbs basically. I'd like to know if I can turn this breadcrumby stuff into big beautiful shards of methamphetamine also in addition i've seen this hong...
  3. lsdkingpin

    I have crushed crystal methamphetamine I would like to recrysalize into big rocks again

    Basically the title is the question. Do I need a special solvent etc. more info: the stuff i have has been crushed into like crumbs from bigger crystals that's just how I received it stealthily but I would now like to turn it back into rocks. I've read the crystallization of methamphetamine...