1. Joyce-JH

    DCM CAS 75-09-2 Dichloromethane

    Unit Price: 1KG, USD40/KG Product: Factory Supply DCM CAS 75-09-2 Dichloromethane Payment Terms: TT, Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, USDT, XMR. etc), Western union, Money Gram, Escrow. Delivery: Door to door service, 100% Confidential Safe and Fast Delivery. Warehouse: Stock available for bulk from...
  2. Wendy Dreamer

    DCM CAS 75-09-2 Dichloromethane

    DCM/DICHLOROMETHANE Price: usd10/L Payment methods: bitcoin, usdt, monero, ESCROW! If bulk pls contact: Whatsapp/Telegram: +86 15697169085 Signal: +61 466326849 Threema: DTKRNET9 Wickr: wendylucky Product Name Dichloromethane CAS NO 75-09-2 EINECS 200-838-9 Molecular Formula CH2Cl2...
  3. S

    where can I find DCM in europe online ?

    who wil share some links plz ?
  4. S

    show me your steam distillation setup plz ?

    Can you please share some pictures of your steam distillation setup ? And maybe some info & tips they don't tell you when you buy it .
  5. Constantylious777

    Dichloromethane Anhydrous

    DCM/DICHLOROMETHANE 1L - 10EURO 5L - 40EURO our website : 7n5chbevzcylxrpguc6tz24dx5qbnzx4oyuctcr3drj2ojhrdzk6kcid.onion Email : [email protected] Wickr : constantylious Signal +48 730 569 237 Telegram +48 730 569 237 Whatsapp +48 730 569 237 10% of every deal from here goes to...
  6. G.Patton

    Solvents recovery

    Introduction In the synthesis of mephedrone (4-MMC) and other psychoactive substances at different stages (synthesis and purification) use different solvents, which are not entered into a chemical reaction. They remain in the same form as before syntheses. However, they are mixed with dirt, and...
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