1. S

    All Markets Down????

    All Markets down... same with Dread and other forums... That since Saturday.... Cant connect to Alphabay, Asap, Inkognito, Archetype and so on... Which little bastard is DDosing????
  2. Lucifer

    Kerberos under DoS attack - here is what you can do

    Kerberos Marketplace done right. Hell yes. Kerberos is currently under DoS attack. We are working day and night on improvements to resolve this. We added 4 new onion mirrors, an I2P mirror and a secured clearnet mirror. Private mirror links for every member, which will also be implemented in...
  3. rickyrick

    DDOS Protection

    Hi i was just wondering if you have been getting ddos attacks at all.And have you thought of DDOS protection yet.Captchas and cloudflare would be a great idea for the future.If you need help on that issue i would be glad to help.