dmt synthesis

  1. R

    dimethylamine from dimethylformamide

    I prefer Shulgin's DMT synthesis using oxalyl chloride above all. It's really convenient apart from actually getting dimethylamine, as it is controlled. This video shows how it can easily be made simply, cheaply and in freebase form through hydrolysis of the amide in DMF with NaOH. You just need...
  2. 6tom

    Would this dmt synthesis work

    this synthesis originally came from“Synthesis of DMT (and analogs) from Tryptamine by Rhodium” I extended it more with greater detail I am just asking if I got everything correct since I am not the smartest at chemistry but have performed multiple synths but not in psychedelics. 1.“Dissolve 15...
  3. Agilent1100DAD

    Synthesis of N,N dimethyltryptamine freebase via Fischer Indole (with photos of the process and a video)

    Hope ya'll enjoy! 1. A medium sized magnetic stir bar was inserted into a 500 mL RBG flask. 18 g of phenylhydrazine HCl was dissolved in 250 ml of deionized water in a 500 mL 3 neck 24/40 joint RBF, which is put onto a heating mantel that acts as a magnetic stirrer. Neck 1 had a rubber septum...
  4. B

    Tryptamine to DMT

    Hey, I know there are a huge amount of questions about this. I really really tried to solve this issue on my own. Tried to read claydens organic chemistry, learn about general procedures and so on. The only thing I learned tho is how to use my lab equipment properly, but not how to come up with...
  5. DET synthesis (and analogues DMT, DiPT, MiPT) from indole via LiAH

    DET synthesis (and analogues DMT, DiPT, MiPT) from indole via LiAH
  6. Novator

    DET synthesis (and analogues DMT, DiPT, MiPT) from indole via LiAH. Video manual.

    ✅The technique is suitable for the synthesis of popular tryptamines from TIHKAL. For example, replacing diethylamine on dimethylamine (3:20), you will receive DMT. ⚠️The air temperature in the laboratory should not exceed 10°C. ☣️Exhaust ventilation, respiratory and eye protection.
  7. WillD

    DMT Synthesis From Indole (Experimental)

    Reagents: Indole (cas 120-72-9) 25.0 g, 211 mmol; Diethyl ether 700 mL; Oxalyl chloride (cas 79-37-8) 55.0 g, 433 mmol; Dimethylamine 1.94 mol in diethyl ether 20% wt/vol solution; Distilled water 1 l; LAH 1 M solution in THF 800 mL, 800 mmol; Sulfuric acid (H2SO4 100%) 21.3 mL, 400 mmol; THF...
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