Would this dmt synthesis work


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Feb 26, 2023
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this synthesis originally came from“Synthesis of DMT (and analogs) from Tryptamine by Rhodium” I extended it more with greater detail I am just asking if I got everything correct since I am not the smartest at chemistry but have performed multiple synths but not in psychedelics.

1.“Dissolve 15 g of formaldehyde and 60 g of tryptamine in 900 ml of methanol in a 1-liter flask. Reflux the mixture for 30 minutes at 50-55 degrees Celsius, whilst it is refluxing slowly add 25grams of sodium cyanoborohydride dissolved in 100ml of methanol solution to the formaldehyde and tryptamine solution with a addition funnel. With mixing !
2. Cool the mixture to room temperature, then add 7 g of glacial acetic acid dropwise to the mixture with stirring. Reflux the mixture for 50-60 hour at 50-60°C.
3. Once the reaction is done and left to cool, distill off the remaining methanol till you are either left with a powder or slurry crude product which should be yellow or brownish in colour.
4.Add 500 ml of 5% aqueous ammonia to the flask and mix well.
5.Extract the mixture with 3 x 100 ml of dichloromethane. Separate the layers using a separatory funnel. The DCM layer will be at the bottom. Discard the aqueous layer.
6.Combine all the DCM pulls
7.Wash the DCM with a little bit of water and seperate the bottom layer which is your DCM solution
8.Dry the dichloromethane with 10 g of anhydrous magnesium sulfate. Wait till it all settles to the bottom, then Filter the DCM solution through a filter paper to remove all magnesium sulfate.
9. Distill off the dichloromethane at atmospheric pressure.
1.Continue the distillation under vacuum until the dimethyltryptamine is collected. -
11. Recrystallize the dimethyltryptamine from boiling hexane with a few ml of ethyl acetate added. Or you can dissolve it with DCM and recrystallise it out for a “more purer” product. ”
12.further purification may be require !!!
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