1. G

    THC vendor

    Hello please Can any one from spain give me the contact of hash vendor from marroco!? I'm from Africa, i need thc liquid or marijuana powder.
  2. G


    Looking for a vendor 
    I need 4′-Fluorococaine with tracking shipping & escrow deal
  3. G

    searching for hash vendor

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hi,I'm searching for hash vendor sends their goods to Africa 🙏
  4. Gusfring666

    Some questions (Read)

    Hello again, I'm in doubt with some things, as I'm new to this, I wanted to understand some things, what would be the best protective equipment when preparing methamphetamine, or any other type of drug and what would be the fastest and easiest drug to do? (I'm very glad it was well received...
  5. D

    Which drug synthesis is good/easy for beginners

    Hey Pharmacists and Chemists, I am relatively new in this topic. Wich Chemical Drug can I produce with not so high afford and experience? I mean a simple synthesis?? Thanks
  6. KokosDreams

    Europe’s largest cocaine lab busted in Spain

    Madrid, January 18: Spanish police have dismantled what they believe to be the biggest cocaine laboratory discovered in Europe so far and detained 25 people, police said Tuesday. The laboratory was located on a property in Villanueva de Perales near Madrid. Police confiscated 300 kg of drugs...
  7. nob0dy

    How dealers ship their drugs via postal mail?

    Hello, I have searched, that dogs can sniff the drugs even if they are hiding well. I was thinking about how dealers sending their stuff via postal mail without getting caught? and what going to happen if the postal office caught the drugs won't that be high risky for the dealer to identify...
  8. J

    Any simple drugs you can make in England?

    Is there any simple drugs you can make in the UK without having to buy from abroad?
  9. Novator

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories Year: 1994 Pages: 124 This book describes, in step-by-step, illustrated detail, how to set up and run a clandestine drug lab - without getting caught Jack B. Nimble reveals how to select a location, discusses safety precautions -...
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