ethyl acetate

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    3cmc in ethyl acetate

    Hey guys, I have made some 3cmc in ethyl acetate and yield was below 20%. I used 100g 2b3c, 200ml ethyl acetate and 200ml methyloamine. Now I'm looking for my mistake and I think the problem is in amination process. How long should amination lasts? Color of solution is any signal that I must...
  2. Cargo Chemicals

    Ethyl acetate

    Purity: 99% CAS: 141-78-6 Formula: CH₃COOC₂H₅ Our company carries out the delivery of any goods that are not prohibited by law from China to the EU. You can receive your goods in a specially equipped cache or by courier delivery.
  3. Doris1888

    Ethyl acetate CAS 141-78-6

    【Delivery】We guarantee 100% of your packages pass through customs. We have full experience of shipping free of customs clearance, double clearance. 100% pass delivery to USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Sweden, UK, Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine...
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