1. G.Patton

    Heroin Synthesis From Morphine

    Introduction The key chemical used in the acetylation of morphine to form heroin is acetic anhydride, a colorless, highly combustible liquid with a strong pickle-like odor. Though internationally controlled as a heroin precursor, acetic anhydride also used to synthesize aspirin and chemicals for...
  2. K

    Morphine sulfate to diacetylmorphine?

    I'm on a bunch of kadian, 1500mg a day, does anyone know how I could go from morphine sulfate to diacetylmorphine? I've already extracted a gram of it from the kadian.. How would I turn the sulfate to Free base then use acetic anhydride to make some Heron? Anybody with better chemistry than me...
  3. KokosDreams

    'Historical seizure' of heroin at Romanian Black Sea port (2021)

    Romanian authorities say they have confiscated 1,452 kilograms (3,200 pounds) of heroin at a Black Sea port in one of the biggest seizures of the drug in the European Union in recent years BUCHAREST, Romania -- Romanian authorities confiscated 1,452 kilograms (3,200 pounds) of heroin at a Black...
  4. Brinksyy

    Stop by Flea Market !

    Flea Market Flea Market's Official Onion http://llpc53iiugcobsdwjposo4fgdybell3vsemoigep7mo3nxm2vs5yywqd.onion/ >>>For vendors looking to get their name up contact us. The first 10 vendors if not already established will receive a Free Vendors account<<< Payment Options BTC XMR coming...
  5. A

    Purification of heroin #3 and determination of diacetylmorphine content

    Introduction Heroin (diacetylmorphine) is a synthetic opioid available on most darknet markets. In Europe, it is almost exclusively sold as heroin #3, a brown powder containing diacetylmorphine (DAM) as water-insoluble base. For heroin users, it is very difficult to make an objective judgment...
  6. D

    Problems with Labdas Heroin synthesis?

    Hello, I stumbled across this synthesis manual and I have a few questions to it. Though it is in german, maybe you can translate it... Synthese: In einem 10-ml-Zentrifugenglas werden 28,5 mg Morphin, 29,4 mg N,N-(Dimethylamino)-pyridin, 1 ml Dichlormethan (DCM) und 100 µ l Essigsäureanhydrid...
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