1. B

    The Fester Formula - Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation

    Has anybody ever had any luck with this process? I’m confused about the part where it says to add two drops of concentrated sulfuric acid to the ephedrine/acetic acid mixture but it also says to make sure no water is in the reaction mixture. Doesn’t concentrated sulfuric acid contain water? Also...
  2. P

    MDA synth

    MDA Hi! One could be looking for advices for synthesizing MDA from PMK. PMK- ethyl glyc. -> PMK Q1) Could/should one vacuum distill PMK to purify? Anyone knows PMK distill temp at vacuum pump level vacuum? Then reductive amination of PMK with anhydrous ammonia and hydrogen in presence of...
  3. G.Patton

    Hydrogen gas (H2) laboratory preparation

    Introduction Gaseous hydrogen used in laboratory practice as a reducing agent. Some reduction reaction in drug manufacturing using Hydrogenation procedure such as reduction of P2NP to Amphetamine, Dezocine (Dalgan), Levorphanol and Racemorphan syntheses. Hydrogen gas can substitute hard-to-reach...
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