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  1. P

    Request for Consultation on MDMA via Catalytic Hydrogenation

    Hello there, Currently working with some collaborators to set up production of MDMA at considerable scale. It seems that anything beyond maybe a few kilos at a time requires a proper high-pressure setup for catalytic hydrogenation. Of course this is quite sophisticated and hazardous work...
  2. victorplum

    Wolff-Kishner reduction, large scale, feasible or just suicide?

    As per title: I was trying to come up with a stereo-selective synthesis, but I'm stuck at one point where I have to remove a carbonyl. Turning it into an alcohol would vanish the selectivity goal. Now, wherever I look for information it's just people warning about preferring any other way is...
  3. MethSpawner

    Recommend a method for first time METH synthesis,got all em reagents!

    Greetings fellow hiveminds! I will be starting my journey to meth cooking soon.I got access to most of the needed reagents like ephedrine,pseudo, red p,methylamine and p2p.Issue is I got little to no chemical knowledge and this will be my first synthesis.Do you guys think this is doable for...
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