1. P

    Looking for mephedrone supplier from China

    Hi there! Looking for mephedrone supplier from China, if you are, please contact me
  2. B

    Difference Methylamine and methylamine hcl

    Dear reader, I have been searching for a good explanation between the two reagents Methylamine and Methylamine hydrogen chloride, but could not find any. The main question is, can i use methylamine hcl instead of methlamine for the synthetis of Mephedron, and why can it be used for the...
  3. R

    Anyone create video with

    Can one of you create a detailed video with the method of making 4mmc at home?
  4. J

    Mephedrone purification and crystallization

    I've seen a lot of different ways to clean meph on larger scale or how to make crystals really big for customer appeal. But my question is, which solutions for crystallization or washing methods are the best for cleaning small portions of mephedrone bought on the streets ? I don't care how...
  5. M

    Dissolution and precipitation Mephedrone?

    Hey folks, About two days ago, I produced 100 grams of Mephedrone and then obtained crystals from it. Now, I'm seeking the best solution to dissolve these 100 grams in a liquid, perhaps for transportation to another country, and then to recover (precipitate) these 100 grams back into crystal...
  6. H

    Looking for seller of 4mmc USA

    Mephedrone Buy 
    Hi. I'm looking for a great quality 4mmc to USA. I need great white crystals 500gr per month
  7. D

    What is basic lab equipment? a most need

    Im looking into building a lab and i dont know what shoud i buy and what not so what is the must have to make mephedrone?
  8. Brinda

    4-MMC Complete Synthesis

    4-MMC Synthesis Big thanks to @WilliamDampier for providing me with the necessary reagents to synthesize this compound. Abstract 4-MMC is a synthetic stimulant of the amphetamine and cathinone classes. It is chemically similar to the cathinone compounds found in the khat plant of east africa...
  9. DragonLabz

    High yielding 4MMC synthesis / 2B4MP

    4MMC in dcm , addification in water with hcl37% Ph 5.5 Yield powder / 64% Yield crystals / 52% Thanks to @Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton @HIGGS BOSSON for giving us some good advice!
  10. 1019er

    Shopping list 4mmc / 3cmc synthesis

    So imm getting further im buying chemicals for my first synthesis. As I have seen producing 3cmc seams as easy as 4mmc (the easy method) So my ingredients will be: 2B4M - 100 g DCM - 300 ml (Toluene) Xylol Methylamine 40% aq solution - 200 ml Hydrochloric acid - 50 ml Dry acetone - 200 ml...
  11. BioHackers

    Biohackers. Free mephedrone samples. Dead drops

    We're BioHackers! To have your MEPHEDRONE FREE SAMPLE just register and text us inbox! For many years we have been sending the best product to our customers. In recent years, the percentage of seizures by customs and police has exceeded 50%. Time and our experience show that the seller bears...

    My first synthesis of mephedrone on DCM. + photos.

    I am glad to welcome you. So, my report on the synthesis of mephedrone. write without mood because at the end of the synthesis was made a mistake. about this you will learn at the end of the article. and so everything in order. I got a tester for 4mmms. It contained methylamine, bk4, acetone...
  13. Gordon Ramsay

    2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone Vendors in EU/China

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hey there, I am looking for a trusted vendor that can ship 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone directly to me (EU) from an european warehouse, preferrably. Otherwise importing it directly from China would work, depending on the price. Quantity will be high once a sample order was approved. Please...
  14. Gordon Ramsay

    4MMC Reagent Kit - First Synthesis (100g Scale)

    4MMC Synthesis Report (100g 2B4MP) 1. 100g 2b4mp was placed inside of a RBF and 350ml of DCM was added. The solution was stirred for approx. 5 minutes, untill the 2b4mp was fully dissolved in DCM 2. 200ml Methylamine 40% was added in 3 portions (70ml, 75ml, 55ml), every 15 minutes. The...
  15. SonicNL

    4-MMC (mephedrone) in ethylacetate

    Hello, I'm read that synthesis in ethylacetate is pretty fast and results in a pure product, but I can't seem to find enough information on here or somewhere else. AFAIK synthesis in ethylacetate does not need heating and the reaction is completed in 30 - 40 minutes. Who has knowledge about...
  16. white7proton

    Best 4MMC Crystallisation Method In A Garage

    Best 4MMC Crystallisation Method In A Garage This garage I have access to is very remote and out of the way, there is no access to a constant flow of electricity. I have an inverter which allows me to have use of electricity whilst I am there with my vehicle but that is my only form of...
  17. Mora

    Best way to crystallize 4MMC large scale

    Goodevening, I have been looking around the forum for the best way to crystallize Mephedrone on a large scale but i have found a lot of different methods with a lot of different opinions from various people. I am looking for the best way to get nice crystals. I use 2b4mp with DCM as solvent...
  18. A

    What is the wholesale price per kg of bath salts (4-MMC,MDPV and bk-MDMA) in the European market?

    Does anyone know the exact wholesale price per kg of these bath salts on the European market? Thank you all! ;)
  19. B

    Interesting 4MMC manual on higher phenols

    Found it on some kind of forum, and edited it a bit (regarding the labware I have on hand and added questions of interest to me, as well as some notes for clarity of understanding), what do you think? In a 20-liter flask, 5 l of dry DCM, 9 g of lump aluminum (0.333 mol) and about a quarter...
  20. SonicNL

    4-MMC (mephedrone) freebase storage

    Hello, after making 4-mmc freebase solution, how long can it be stored? before needing to ad acetone for the precipitate to fall out? To be more precise, how long is the shelf-life of acidified 4-mmc freebase? And how should the product be stored?
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