meth lab

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    Hladam dodávatela metamfetaminu

    Ahojte všetci hladám dodávatela pervitinu na dlhodobú spoluprácu pre viac info mi napíšte správu. PS: O meth z ostatnych krajin ako je Česko alebo Slovensko nemam záujem. Ďakujem.
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    Cook Shitty Meth

    Hello my Friends. I just want to Cook some Meth. The Problem is that I didn't have much Chemical Expirience when It Comes to Synthesis. I mainly want to sell It so the quality could be trash but maybe I want to try a little bit of my Product so It shouldn't be really really toxic. How can I Cook...
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    First synthesis..

    Hi, I watched all the videos, but cannot decide which route to go for my first amphetamine/ d-metanphetamine synthesis. I don't have any lab equipment nor ingredients but I am able to source pretty much everything. And I do have some university level organic chem knowledge. But when theory...
  4. An industrial methamphetamine laboratory.

    An industrial methamphetamine laboratory.

    Inside a Philippines Meth Lab
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