1. U

    Best solvent for meth safe not bad smelling.

    Hello I would like to discuss possible solvents usage as replacement of stinky long evaporating T.(Toluene) to for example extract ephedrine from pills -What is most suitable solvent for dissolving pseudo/ephedrine without this unholy stink and also one that evaporates all within hour's...
  2. Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Synthesis of Methamphetamine via NaBH4 From P2P
  3. GhostChemist

    Methamphetamine Synthesis from Ephedrine by Using I2 and H3PO2

    Starting Reagents and Materials 6 g Synthetic ephedrine hydrochloride racemic 12 g I2 10.8 ml H3PO2 (50%) 20 ml H2O 50 ml 25% NaOH (15-20 г NaOH) 3 g sodium thiosulfate 250-300 ml DCM 30-50 g Na2SO4 100 ml Petroleum ether HCl gas 100 g NH4Cl 25 ml H2SO4 83% Flasks 250 and 500 ml Glasses Funnels...
  4. GhostChemist

    Methamphetamine From Ephedrine by Iodine and Red P

    Starting reagents and materials 6 g Synthetic ephedrine hydrochloride racemate 1.8 g Red phosphorous (P) 12 g Iodine (I2) 100-150 ml H2O 3 g Sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3) 24 ml 25% NaOH 250-300 ml DCM 100 ml Petroleum ether HCl gas 100 g NH4Cl 25 ml H2SO4 83% Flasks 250 and 500 ml Beakers...
  5. F

    Meth for a complete beginner

    It'll be my first time attempting this and it honestly scary, my knowledge on chemistry is little to none and I'm still not sure on which recipe to use, I'd really appreciate help in three topics: - General Chemistry, I don't know of books or videos that could help me as I am not one to usually...
  6. T

    Coffee Tasting Methamphetamine.

    Methamphetamine was powderised then mixed with spent coffee beans for logistical purposes and a disobedient simpleton thought he could get it out and used hot water. So I believe the alkaloids have leached into the desired amine. Causing an undesirable taste, steam distillation was attempted...
  7. H

    Recrystallization of methamphetamine from ephedrine tabs via red phosphorus

    Hey i just saw the video of the syntesis of methamphetamine via red phosphorus but at the end we got white powder And my question is how can i get crystal from this powder ? Like i follow this vid : And after can i...
  8. Duart77

    beginner question. Can I use pseudoephedrine base to make meth? Or does it need to be in hydrochloride form?

    beginner question. Can I use pseudoephedrine base to make meth? Or does it need to be in hydrochloride form?
  9. Power

    Getting drugs to your buddies in prison!

    I was going to include pictures but having technical difficulties. I'll use meth as an example. Get a pack of cigarettes, dump about half of the tobacco out and add some crystals in there (they'd be small and broken up of course) Add the tobacco back in, and you now have loaded a cigarette...
  10. Douda

    Crystal Meth Urine Test

    Hi Guys ad girls I have a job Interview in 2 days and there is a possible urine test.I smoked some crystal yesterday and i was wonderding will they detect it in my urine?
  11. Douda

    What is CRACK?

    I have been watching some HOOD GHETTO movies.What is Crack?Do they really cook it on a stove in a kitchen?
  12. Power

    How to ship crystal methamphetamine

    I am going to explain how to ship crystal meth undetected. i won't disclose my background, but whatever it was i am finished now, and this is what i learned. there is a product used to add flavor to hookah/shisha, it's name is something like "flavour crystals" i'm not going to be too specific...
  13. hustlerkid

    FREE D-methamphetamine samples!

    Our newest listing of 100% pure D-methamphetamine is live. We are searching for 10 active members of the bb community to sample our product. You will receive a 500mg sample in exchange for a review. Product link...
  14. Douda

    Amphetamine vs Methamphetamine

    What is the difference between amphetamine and Methamphetamine?
  15. Douda

    Price of P2P ?

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    What is the average starting price for P2P? You can also send me a message if u sell P2P and can ship to SOUTH AFRICA
  16. DirkDiggler

    Problem with Water-Layer

    I chose the red phosphorus and iodine method to cook methamphetamine from tablets, not the first time I've done that. It always worked perfectly and the result was good, but last time the layer of water in which the methamphetamine was located was extremely cloudy and when the water evaporated...
  17. Mr Good Cat

    Looking for metamph from p2p racemic freebase oil in Poland!

    Methamphetamine Buy 
    Looking for methamphetamine from p2p racemic freebase oil or racemic hcl liquid in Poland. PM if interested.
  18. C

    how can i extract from loratadine and pseudoephedrine pills?

    i found pseudoephedrine (lot more)loratadine(5mg) pills at my country. How do i make it into pseudoephedrine salt?
  19. GhostChemist

    Synthesis of Methamphetamine from P2P and NaBH4 Reduction

    Reactions proceed according to Scheme 1. Scheme 1 Reagents and Materials: 10 g of pure P2P (steam distillation purified) 45-55 g of silica gel d=2.5-4 mm (NOT powder) 3 g of sodium borohydride (equivalent in moles) 65 ml of absolute isopropyl alcohol 18.1 – 20 ml of 35-40% aqueous methylamine...
  20. Mr Good Cat

    Bases of amine group purification via sodium bisulfite adduct

    I saw recently a discussion in some RC community saying about amph group and 4mmc purification via bisulfite adduct. Considering molar proportions, mentioned there, I don't think this route was developed by a professional. But I brought it here to discuss: may be it worth to pay attention on...
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