1. G.Patton

    N-methylformamide 99.9% pure 1L

    N-Methylformamide 99.9% pure Structural Formula: C₂H₅NO CAS number: 123-39-7 Appearance: Clear liquid 84 EUR for 1l [email protected]
  2. William Dampier

    MDMA synthesis from piperonylmethylketone (PMK/MDP2P) with formic acid

    Reaction scheme: Synthesis: 1. Formic acid 3.66 g, n-methylformamide (NMF) 7.6 g and MDP2P (PMK) 9.0 g are placed into a 100 ml round bottom flask. Reflux condenser and thermometer are installed. 2. The mixture is refluxed at 150-170 °C for 7 h with periodic formic acid 7.32 g additions. 3...