1. The Alchemist

    NEP synthesis

    Does nep use the same precursor as a-pvp but with ethylamine instead of pryolidine or is it different precursor Also, can I propose the search engine be modified? Restricting searches to characters over 5 seems unreasonable for a subject related to certain compounds referenced in three...
  2. Kuistot

    Need informations on NEP

    Hello fellow chemists and scientists. I am curently experimenting on myself and with the help of some friends and volunteers some RCS i bought from people on this website. The reason for that is that i crave knowledge and for someone like me, the RCs scene is absolutely fascinating. As i...
  3. toastpaws

    NEP synthesis (including Valerophenone and Nitroethan

    This is purely theoretic but will in about 2 months figured out the exact reaction conditions. I will go into more details in the attachment. here is just a short overview. chemicals: Benzene pentanonanoic acid (Valericacid) polyphosphocirc acid (PPA) with those reagents you valorephenone...
  4. Link Finder

    Home - - 3-CMC, 3-MMC, 4-CMC, pirkite 4-cmc

    We have many years of experience with research chemicals business.All products in offer were tested in laboratory. Fast and professional shipping
  5. S


    Hello, could you tell me which drug is which? For example 2-fdck = ketamine mdphp = mdma I would like to know what illegal substance it looks like. Is there any similar to cocaine? and another that looks like mdma? If there is any forum that explains it, can you pass it on? Many thanks
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