1. G.Patton

    Nitroethane Source

    Few time ago, I accidentally stumble into this interesting product. Looks like 16 oz (473 ml) of a little admixtured nitroethane. Have anyone tried to distill this and get nitroethane? Cuccio Pro Step 6 Powder Polish Deep System Brush Cleanser Refill, 16 oz
  2. Cargo Chemicals


    Purity: 98+% CAS: 79-24-3 Formula: C2H5NO2 We offer 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 25L Price on request. Our company carries out the delivery of any goods that are not prohibited by law from China to the EU. You can receive your goods in a specially equipped cache or by courier delivery.
  3. blacky2340

    Theory | Nitromethane to Nitroethane using manganese dioxide

    The reaction involves the oxidation of nitromethane (CH3NO2) to nitroethane (CH3CH2NO2) using manganese dioxide (MnO2) as a catalyst. This reaction is known as the Leuckart-Wallach reaction. CH3NO2 + MnO2 → CH3CH2NO2 + MnO Theoretical yield ~40%? In this reaction, nitromethane (CH3NO2) is...
  4. Winni Win

    Nitroethane CAS 79-24-3

    【Payment Terms】Bitcoin, USDT, Monero, Wechat pay, Alipay, Bank transfer and Western Union etc. 【Price】 $200/100L $280/L(for reference only)
  5. handle

    "The Racers Edge!"

    This reaction makes roughly 3 moles of methylamine dissolved in methanol. Nitromethane model airplane fuel to methylamine, one needs a 2 or 3 necked flask, a good condenser, and a sep funnel. The flask should be at least 2000 ml in capacity. Into the flask put about 150g of heavy duty aluminum...
  6. S

    Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane?

    Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane?Is it possible to convert nitromethane to nitroethane? If so, can someone write me a guide? Sorry if this is a silly question, I don't know much about chemistry..
  7. 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene synthesis

    1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene synthesis

    Benzaldehyde and nitroethane Henry condensation.
  8. G.Patton

    Nitromethane Syntheses From MCA and DMS

    Introduction I would like to present two methods for producing nitromethane using inexpensive equipment and utensils from available reagents. The most famous and widely used method for producing nitromethane in practice is the interaction of chloroacetic acid and sodium nitrite in an aqueous...
  9. G.Patton

    The Simplest Syntheses of Nitroethane

    Introduction. I present to you the three simplest syntheses of nitroethane: From sodium ethyl sulfate and a metal nitrite. From ethyl halide and silver nitrite. From ethyl bromide (iodide) and sodium nitrite. This list allows selecting a suitable reagent that can be purchased in your area...
  10. GhostChemist

    1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP) Video Synthesis From Benzaldehyde and Nitroethane. Henry Reaction.

    Reaction scheme: Equipment and glassware: 10 L Flask; Retort stand and clamp for securing apparatus (optional); Reflux condenser; Funnel; Vacuum source; Laboratory scale (0.1-500 g is suitable) - optional; Measuring cylinders 1000 mL and 100 mL; Water bath; Glass rod and spatula; Filter...
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