nitrous oxide

  1. M

    Nitrous Oxide Synthesis

    Nitrous Oxide (also known as dinitrogen monoxide and oxodiazen-2-ium-1-ide), is a dissociative. It's also used, at high doses, as an anesthetic. This post will go through the simplest method to synthesizing this substance. Pharmacokinetics: Biological Half-life: 5 minutes Excretion...
  2. abbadon

    N2O Nitrous Oxide

    hi chem friends, about 1-2 years ago i saw the first time in germany, young people with balloons in their hands, inhale N2O with it. Next to them a big bottle with exotic whip labeled on it. Now, today, i see it increased everywhere and get more and more. The kids with the balloons, i see...
  3. H

    Has anyone tried to make Nitrous Oxide (N2O) with Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3)

    Hello! I decomposed some NH4NO3 and collect gas after bubble water, the taste it sweet like N2O so I think its correct way to make N2O (I really new to chem) ! Now I plan to scale my reactor to get more gas, and compress it to cylinder at the end I have some questions hope someone can help...
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