1. M

    Carfentanyl, Fentalogues and Nitazines in European Cathinoce Supply

    Hello dear members, I am conducting my own little observation, out of pure curiosity on carfentanyl, fentalogues and nitazines laced cathinones in European supply of cathinones. During the last 12 or so months ago, ever more increasingly, cathinones (mainly 3-CMC and to lesser exten 4-MMC) are...
  2. JustFuckMyShitUpFam

    Does anyone else use diff apps/stuff to buy drugs online?

    Asking for a friend ofc! :) I have been out of it for a while.. used to buy small amounts of meth, coke, heroin, methadon, zenes and other synth opis on the markets but no kidding, what the hell happened? barely any proper market is still standing and its XMR only too which is kinda annoying...
  3. H

    Opium to Morphine Base

    Hello prob this is a dumb question but what are all the ingredients that i will need to extract morphine from opium? thx in advance
  4. S

    Pills that gels up?!

    Hi to everyone. I'm new here and I don't know if I am posting in the right place (my excuses if not). I have a couple of Tapentadol and Bupropion tablets (don't judge me please) and the damn ones gel at the slightest contact with water. I'm very interested in Tap because it's low oral BA...
  5. M

    Search for Tilidin (Opioid) synthesis

    Hi I researched a lot about more weaker opioids (Tramadol, Codein and particularly Tilidin). Tilidin is a an opioid only deployed in germany and switzerland. I found synthesis instructions on Tramadol and G.Patton posted a synthesis instruction on Tramadol approximately one hour ago. I am very...
  6. S

    Dare I even ask... Anyone have new info on NDH/N-Isobutyl-Hexedrone

    Ok I know when NDH first came around many of us were dooped receiving it when we ordered hexen. We could tell it was ndh before even testing the stuff, the appearance and the smell alone... after testing a line you instantly regretted even opening the bag as your nose is now glued shut and your...
  7. S


    Product 2F-DCK is ALSO known as 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine. Is a lesser-known novel dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anaesthetic, and hallucinogenic effects when administered. It is structurally related to arylcyclohexylamines like ketamine and...
  8. S

    My best classification of cannabinoids from strongest to least

    Cannabinoids; 5FAEB2201 SGT 78 4FBCA 5CLADBA ADBB BMDP What can you tell?
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