pressed pills

  1. sassafras

    Trustable TDP Tablet Die Sellers

    Hello, I need some TDP dies for making tablets, but I'm having a tough time finding them. Many outdated websites, and forums keep telling to check out Alibaba and AliExpress, but it seems like every time I find a vendor, their products are already taken down. I'm really hoping this forum can...
  2. Doc/Rackstackers

    "Popcorn" M-30's (pressed 30mg oxycodone clones)- Does anyone have a good formula?

    I have invested in quite a nice press, a good amount of the "API", and THOUGHT I had all of the required binders and fillers, but I can't seem to figure out what gives that signature "burnt popcorn" taste that all of my clients who smoke the pills are asking for. To me, it's frustrating because...
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