1. Kai

    Is it posible to extract N,N-Dimethyltryptamine via Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo Incense) products?

    I am still looking for plants or products to extract n-n DMT from, and I stumbled across Palo Santo woodchips. They are legal in Turkey, but I have no idea what percentage of DMT or any other side products are in them. The only thing I know is that it has an oily texture and contains DMT. Can I...
  2. P

    RC direction

    If anyone could point me even in the correct direction of a non scam rc website it would be much appreciated. The 2 I've tried so far looked professional but we're only good at taking my money. If you know of one or even someone I could connect with to find one it would be awesome. Thanks for...
  3. C

    How to delete account

    Hi I would like to learn how I could delete/remove from forum my account, is there any possibility? thanks for help in advance
  4. Kai

    Styrene to mescaline?

    Heard in somewhere you can use styrene to make mescaline was some one can explain do you use styrine to make mdp2p or nitromethene. i am kind of sleepless sorry for any grammar errors
  5. coke199

    How to extract MDMA mixed with other powder like protein supplement powder

    Hello guys, I want the person who answers me to be well aware of MDMA washing and basic chemical sciences. My question is, If I put fully powdered MDMA in protein supplement and mix the two powders (protein supplement powder + MDMA powder) Can I re-extract MDMA again from this mix by...
  6. H

    is kerberos legit?

    Looking for a vendor 
    has anyone bought anything from this site?: kerberosemtkeqh7pznmv3negqhudxk5po3awdazx5fqgizttr6xeiid.onion
  7. cubesquare

    Exctract 2C-B from pills

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Hi there. I have a lot of 2C-B pills bought over the past few months and have found I prefer to snort the stuff. Crushed pills are horrible. Is there a way I can crush them and then extract just the 2C-B from the tablet and discard the filler from the tablet? I have about 80 pills of 20mg each...
  8. cubesquare

    GammaGoblin/Pushing Taboo phish?

    Hello All, I was introduced to GammaGoblin by a vendor in a market - I was given this link: http://jich6wsx2nmvayh34mjo7zj6wwu6jiahzdf3au7fiazx2wzvlftqcxad.onion/ I did some checks against the link at various DNM listing sites and it checked out ok so I registered. Gearing to make a purchase...
  9. cubesquare

    Shipping small orders from the USA to the EU

    Hi there experts... What shipping methods can be used to get small amounts of easy substances like DMT from the USA to the EU without having to provide telephone numbers? What does that do to shipping times? Curious as I don't want to provide my number to a new (to me) vendor for shipping...
  10. S

    Oxymorphone from Oxycodone?

    The reason im asking this is quite simple: Oxycodone is kind of easy to get but not so potent, while oxymorphone is supposed to be quiet a bit stronger and basically impossible to get Im curious to know if this can be done and about the complexity of this procedure Greetings, ShiftingWaterfall
  11. cubesquare

    Some privacy advice

    Hi there. I was putting this together as a response to someones status - turns out I write too much and it couldn't go there. I'd appreciate any views on this as this is how I feel we can be safe as buyers. Ok, so here are some things you can and should do. 1. Get familiar with TOR...
  12. cubesquare

    N,N DMT and 5-MEO-DMT melt/boil points

    Hi there experts, I am trying to find information around the temperatures that N,N DMT and 5-MEO-DMT melt and then boil/vapourise. If anybody could shed some light on this for me I would be most grateful.
  13. red elf

    in search of suppliers of raw material

    cooks friends, I'm a beginner chemical producer, I like all parts of chemistry, explosions, drugs and poisons. I opened this topic in search of finding some supplier of raw material for my synthesizers, here in my country is very difficult to find the raw materials EX: coleman fuel, ephedrine...
  14. KokosDreams

    Offtopic: Couriermarket experience?

    Hey folks, basically the title - does anyone has experience with the DNM 'Courier Market'? Looking to buy some products that I can only find there. Looks kinda sus tbh but they claim to have an escrow on all products. Cincerly, Koko
  15. M

    Questions regarding alprazolam/flualprazolam synthesis

    My reference material is 10.1007/s00044-016-1585-z and the small scale alprazolam synthesis that I found here - I do understand the basic process. I do have a few questions though, and can't really find answers to them online elsewhere. The precursor of 2-amino-5-chlorobenzophenone is for...
  16. KokosDreams

    Question regarding amphetamine synthesis via P2NP + NabH4/CuCL2

    Hey folks, going through my notes (read below) I am wondering about three main questions right now: My questions now are: What PH do I need to bring the reaction to before adding DCM? Is it necessary to extract the aqueous phase with IPA or can I just extract with DCM and distill after...
  17. H

    Looking for p's in peru

    Looking for a vendor 
    I am highly interested in buying from people in Peru, i will be traveling there very soon, i am willing to pay high amounts for product, if anybody could just point me in right angle, i would be very thankful.
  18. Kai

    Making MDMA HCL Whitout Sassafras Is It Posible?

    What other methods are out there to make molly, any alternative ways you suggest? What method is more possible and accessible for middle eastern geography. Its difficult to order crude and raw materials form ebay or alibaba here
  19. D

    MDMA Synthesis From Pure PMK Oil

    Hello, I've recently come across a local connection who's able to provide me with [~92%] PMK oil. I've been reading various PMK -> MDMA synth guides on here and other forums, however I'm finding myself asking more questions than the guides are answering. Somebody recommended I try Bright...
  20. rickyrick

    RCH21 cannabinoid from chinese supplier anyone has any info on it?

    They have given no IUPAC or CAS does anyone know if this is good?doubt it has Cb1 action because of ban.Its white unlike other new yellow inactive ones but its sketchy.anyone tried it?