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    99% purity N-Isopropylbenzylamine CAS 102-97-6 Powder/Crystal/Crystalline Powder

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    My name is Cas Aarden, I am a professional organic chemist, graduated from the University of Groningen. I have a long experience in organizations like Wilmar Oleochemicals B.V. (Botlek Rotterdam) and SABIC (Bergen op Zoom). I dedicate my life to chemistry and want to broadcast my love for it and...
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    how safe are research chemicals?

    That depends on the research chemical, how you use it, where you get it from, and whether or not you verify the product’s identity. Bromaz when verified and dosed properly, are lower risk RC’s.
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    What are the best research chemicals?

    So what are the best research chemicals, the ones the forum really recommends and why?
  5. Brain

    μ-opioid receptor heterodimer agonists are a priority for RC

    The "Research chemicals" section already has opiates that are potentially easy to synthesize and have very interesting morphine-like effects with minimal side and unwanted effects. The minimization of side effects is due to many factors, which I will describe in more detail. μ-opioid receptors...
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    How did you ‘discover’ research chemicals?

    I got introduced to research chemicals when one day I was researching about Bromaz, it’s safety profile, and it’s legality. I don’t have a degree in chemistry or anything related to be able to truly engage with researching these substances, but I still find it all very intriguing. I’m curious as...
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    How is the RC stored?

    I know it should be stored in a cool and cool place, preferably in a net pocket:) Do you have any other ideas or improvements?
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    Predator RC

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    China banned research chemicals

    For several decades, Chinese factories have been the world leader in the supply of synthetic drugs to the international market. With the Research Chemicals emerging, the Chinese synthesized cannabinoids, stimulants, euphoritic drugs, psychedelics, opiates and dissociatives, and produced...
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