1. prophet

    Alternate business ideas using escrow, crypto, and staying safe

    A question, or I guess this is more like a poll. I notice that a majority of markets only use XMR. What is your preference when using crypto? And If there were another way to conduct escrow deals without the use of crypto yet still remain anonymous would anyone have an idea of how to do this and...
  2. hermano

    Livin, with heavy weight of secret.

    It's been a little comment in the other section, but its offtop and i decided to organize it and take care of it. So how to act at normal live, how to insure your offline safety, about it in pieces with me. I think we all have 1-2 friends who knows any about our illegal activities etc. Better...
  3. hermano

    Alert. Do not use SIM.

    At the same time i writing this post, i get some lowkey info about easy 0/day exp for SIM. It is enough to send you 1 SMS with passive payload code and the sender will get access to hear all stuff going around your phone. You won't get any notifications, even sms, its hidden. After sms was...
  4. hermano

    Telegram. All you need to know.

    I'll begin with - TELEGRAM IS NOT SAFE Thats why. Now i 100% know that Ukrainian and Russian spec-forses already have access to encryption keys. Telegram is can be used only to SELL, but you need prepare good proxy or tunnels for use it. Police can earn all info about your: chats, photos...
  5. G.Patton

    Lab safety rules and guidelines

    Introduction Here I list some of the most common lab safety rules out there, to help you whether you’re developing a set of policies for your own lab. Having a strong set of overall laboratory safety rules is essential to avoiding disasters in the lab. I recently scoured the safety policies of...
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