1. P

    Cybersecurity of online trading

    Hello to all participants and administrations of the forum! I would like to know how to protect myself when trading different things online? To secure means the impossibility of determining my IP, the impossibility of leaving an online trace, the possibility of confidence in the sale. This...
  2. K


    Dead Drops 
    Adding a layer of security for Dead Droppers with a QRCODE, but how? Prepare your dead drop by following the holy tutorial from @HEISENBERG Save the coordinates of that dead drop Next, you'll have to find a website where you can upload text that has a self-burning feature like this website...
  3. Link Finder


    Discover "Deeplab", an informative resource exploring the obscure corners of the internet, known as the darknet. Unveil news from the darknet realm, hacking incidents, and ransomware updates. Dive into security insights and a comprehensive wiki section detailing popular darknet resources, terms...
  4. Liubaiyuan

    Is there a master who can make etomidate?

    An introduction to etomidate It cannot be tested positive by the usual tests,For customers in the law has a very good security。
  5. mendeleev

    Create a Strong Password

    I have some files that are critical to be secure. I keep these files inside an encrypted VeraCrypt container, on an encrypted SSD. So, it is critical to have a password to my SSD that is hard enough to find, even for the government. The problem is that the password for SSD is very complex, so I...
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