1. B


    If you got way to ship cocaine through South America safe please contact. We can work like together, but just dm me if know what are you doing. Do not dm me if you "think" that will works. If you have a route or something, even in small quantities, pls contact me.
  2. A

    How to erase traces of fingerprint marks from transparent zip-type plastic bags and from paper envelopes?

    Is there any effective technique to remove fingerprint traces from plastic zip bags, paper mail envelopes to avoid being discovered by law enforcement? Thank you!!
  3. primitiveintelectual

    Mrtve schranky anketa, prieskum

    Dead Drop 
    Dead Drop Slovakia Mrtve schranky Slovensko Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Košice
  4. A

    Methods of sending drugs with postal mail without leaving fingerprints?

    I need some method to not leave fingerprints or other evidence that could be linked to me when sending drugs through the mail. Thank you!!
  5. T

    how to pass dog test when i need to ship hash from marroco to another country in africa?

    Hi i want to buy hash from marocco and i need to ship it to another country in africa any ideas? How to pass the dog test ?
  6. G

    How do i ship to USA from South America?

    Title is enough
  7. Never to sleep

    Questions for manufacturers here on the BB forum. What is your most successful obfuscating for sent packages?

    Think of this as sort of a poll. I'm doing a research on what seems to be the most successful method amongst drug shipments to buyers. We all have our own unique techniques to obfuscate packages with drugs to avoid them being seized during shipping. So I wanted to ask other manufacturers what is...
  8. C

    Why do large shipments of cocaine arrive in Europe with containers by sea and not with cargo plane by air?

    I wonder why European drug lords import cocaine on a large scale from the world's top 3 cocaine producers (Colombia, Peru and Bolivia) through the largest commercial ports in Europe (Port of Rotterdam, Port of Antwerp., Port of Hamburg...) and they do not do it by air with a cargo plane, since...
  9. F

    How to Ship a pound of weed from Canada to the EU

    Hey there I'm looking for any tips you could give me on shipping around a pound of weed from Canada to the EU any help would be appreciated thank you.
  10. T

    Just wondering about FedEx shipment from Germany to Australia

    Hi all, Let's say I'm trying to ship a small quantity of illegal substances from Germany into Australia, but want to speed up the process instead of waiting 2-12 weeks for Deutsche Post, if I go with FedEx, I'm a bit worried about the customs clearance process, I wouldn't put a real name or...
  11. 8

    Postal Boxes

    first timer here and already read all the info given in the forum but still wondering if someone got any advice on shipping to po boxes (EU -> DE )
  12. cubesquare

    Shipping small orders from the USA to the EU

    Hi there experts... What shipping methods can be used to get small amounts of easy substances like DMT from the USA to the EU without having to provide telephone numbers? What does that do to shipping times? Curious as I don't want to provide my number to a new (to me) vendor for shipping...
  13. coke199

    What's the solution for x-rays? [Ask packaging]

    Post Delivery 
    Hey BB community, I know there is no definitive answer to this question. But what I'm asking about, Which methods and techniques for packaging can reduce the probability of seizure of shipments that are caught by x-rays in international shipping? I think using mylar bags is best way to hide...
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