1. D

    S African Methaqualone sourcing

    Looking for a vendor 
    Anyone know a method of obtaining Methaqualone fr S Africa. Aware of Chinese analogs of, but most require buying large quantities & the analogs have bad side effects like seizures n bladder cancer. I occasionally find someone selling on a market. But the amount they charge is not worth it (a...
  2. epson

    Sourcing NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone)

    Hello, I have problems finding a seller for NMP in the EU, and the chinese don't seem to have it. I've seen instructions on making 4-mmc with nmp, which surprised me, because before I've found this forum I knew that using NMP as a solvent gives you much higher yields because the freebase...
  3. Ouroboros369

    Darkweb meth

    For about a year now, all the meth i've sourced on various markets has been extremely low quality. I've tried countless vendors and they all seem to have very similar low grade product despite having glowing reviews. Is there anyone out there that still gets high quality stuff off any of the DW...