1. El Malverde

    Espanha onde você está?

    Another City 
    Gente da espanha!! Vamos nos conectar e compartilhar! Vamos lá! Eu sou El Malverde e estou ansioso para ouvir de você ✌️
  2. J

    Looking for indoor cannabis grower from europe

    Im looking for a indoor cannabis grower for cooperation (big bulk). Deaddrops or shipment. Contact me via pm and please send me ur pgp first
  3. Chem-Safe


    MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine markets in Spain (2022) Main Conclusions In general terms, it is confirmed that the Spanish markets for MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine reflect the global dynamics observed in other European countries, such as, for example, the increase in MDMA doses in tablets, the...
  4. D

    How accessible are LSD and Mushrooms in Barcelona/Madrid and Prague?

    Can i easily get it like in Amsterdam,NL or Toronto,CA?As i know,people there just use clearnet websites to buy those drugs,because police don't care about it there. Or i will have to find some drug dealers on streets or order on darknet in Czech Republic/Spain?
  5. KokosDreams

    Europe’s largest cocaine lab busted in Spain

    Madrid, January 18: Spanish police have dismantled what they believe to be the biggest cocaine laboratory discovered in Europe so far and detained 25 people, police said Tuesday. The laboratory was located on a property in Villanueva de Perales near Madrid. Police confiscated 300 kg of drugs...
  6. KokosDreams

    Five arrested in cocaine bust off Spain's Canary Islands

    Five people were arrested when a fishing boat carrying nearly three tonnes of cocaine was intercepted off the Canary Islands, Spanish police said. The AKT 1 was stopped on April 13 by a Spanish coastguard patrol about 300 nautical miles south of the Spanish archipelago as it tried to pass...
  7. KokosDreams

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena Police operation in Benalmadena dismantles clandestine laboratory manufacturing doping substances used by athletes As reported in a statement from the police, an operation in the Malaga municipality of Benalmadena has...
  8. KokosDreams

    Spanish police raid outdoor cocaine lab capable of making 120kg of drug a week

    Operation on farm near Madrid resembled clandestine outdoor labs found in jungles of South America, police said Spanish police have arrested 12 people after raiding a cocaine laboratory near Madrid that operated like the clandestine outdoor labs found in the jungles of South America and which...
  9. KokosDreams

    Two Brits are arrested in Spain after police find 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in 'Breaking Bad' style lab

    Two British nationals have been arrested in Spain following drugs bust Police seized 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in Leioa Officers say the designer drugs were sent abroad to Europe and the US Police in Spain have arrested two Brits after dismantling a 'Breaking Bad' style...
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