1. bordello

    Im looking for sulfuric acid 96-98

    Looking for a vendor 
    Linke the title im looking for a small quantity of sulfuric acid :)
  2. S

    Searching amph in l'Arenal

    Hallo 2 zusammen, wir sind morgen in l'Arenal und suchen nach Amphetamin und MDMA f2f. Wenn jemand da ist, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte per PN. Thx alot
  3. T

    Carolina Chemical and PN2P - Too Good to Be True

    Hello, I am a beginner and am assembling my first lab (personal use only). I am looking into making speed since it is seems simpler than meth. looking at the ingredients, PN2P looks like the most controversial reagent. I know it is leagal to buy and possess the substance, however I imagine it...
  4. pap.pine

    Looking for speed (shipped in letter form)

    Looking for a vendor 
    I'm looking for vendor from EU that's willing to use escrow and will ship goods in letter size which in my case should be maximum 3x25x35cm to fit from letterbox. Also tracker delivery method is required. I'm looking for 100-1000g scale per shipment.
  5. bordello

    How to make speed paste from A-Oil (looking for real how to)

    Hello friends, i was looking for a real how to about this topic. I found a thread but the thread was not the real deal. If someone would be so nice to write a good step by, it would be great! I want to make 5kg paste Form 1 Liter Oil. PH is 12,2. i got sulfuric acid 96 percent and isopropanol...
  6. GhostChemist

    Some Amphetamine Salts

    The following pharmaceutically acceptable salts of A are known in the literature: 2-hydroxyethanesulfonate, 2-naphthalenesulfonate, 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoate, 3-phenylpropionate, acetate, adipate, alginate, aspartate, benzenesulfonate, benzoate, benzylate, bicarbonate, bisulfate, bitartrate...
  7. BioHackers

    Biohackers. Free mephedrone samples. Dead drops

    We're BioHackers! To have your MEPHEDRONE FREE SAMPLE just register and text us inbox! For many years we have been sending the best product to our customers. In recent years, the percentage of seizures by customs and police has exceeded 50%. Time and our experience show that the seller bears...
  8. Berlin777


    I buy a-oil from time to time and I've noticed, sometimes they look and smell a bit diffrent. Some of them are more yellowish other ones are more clear, also noticed differences in their odour. Any more experienced person can tell give some guidance?
  9. P

    How to cut amphetamines (Speed)?

    What would I cut Speed with so it's safe and the quality doesn't get fucked up too much?
  10. S

    production of Speed

    Hi, I am new here and I would have some questions about the Speed production and i hope, that somone could answer the questions, because I am not really familiar with it yet. 1. What percantage of purity must vinegar and sulfuric acid have? 2. Wich cover can be used to obtain the required...
  11. Dystopia

    Post 600 - Vendor Status

    I am a Amphetamine dealer situated in Scandinavia how do I come about becoming a vendor and get vendor status
  12. M

    Extract Amphetamine Base (A-Oil) from clothes - need urgent help

    Hi everyone, I need an urgent advice from a chemist. During the delivery process from ordered A-Oil the vendor didn't seal the package correctly, so all the liquid has spread inside the package. As stealth, clothing was repackaged and this is now soaked with all the oil. It is a large amount...
  13. W

    apan oil for speed

    Hello. How to do apan oil? There are two types. A oil and B oil. How can i do it? Has anyone a recipe? Apan oil is an ingridient which is used to make speed. Glad to get answers
  14. S

    Speed Sulphate Synthesis PDF

    here you go dont forget to like so others also see it http://bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onion/attachments/am5scrhbqq-pdf.8387/?hash=aafd7479cafb0ea4ea1ebe229422f906
  15. KokosDreams

    Question regarding amphetamine synthesis via P2NP + NabH4/CuCL2

    Hey folks, going through my notes (read below) I am wondering about three main questions right now: My questions now are: What PH do I need to bring the reaction to before adding DCM? Is it necessary to extract the aqueous phase with IPA or can I just extract with DCM and distill after...
  16. KokosDreams

    EU Supplier for Mercury (II) Nitrate CAS 10045-94-0 for Amphetamine Freebase Synthesis

    Looking for a vendor 
    Dear Breaking Bad Community, I am Koko, I have been active on the DN since a few weeks. Since 4-5 months I am on the mission to understand the synthesis of Amphetamine Freebase. Mainly I am looking for 2 synthesis methods: 1. Manufacture Amphetamine Freebase from P2NP & Mercury (II) Nitrate...
  17. S

    How we know if a cas nr is still legal or not ? (BMK)

    hello , there are some BMK pouders for sale I think 4 different CAS numbers I was wonder how we know if these CAS nr are still legal or not ? also how do they do it at the border to check if a substance is legal or not . do they just belive the CAS nr that is given on the item ?
  18. WillD

    Amphetamine synthesis via 1-phenyl-2-nitropropene LAH reduction

    Reagents: Lithium aluminum hydride (LAH; cas 16853-85-3) 12 g; 1,4-Dioxane 300 ml; 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP; cas 705-60-2) 10 g; Sodium hydroxide (25% NaOH) aq. solution; Acetone ~50 ml; Sulfuric acid ~10 ml; Equipment and glassware: Two-naked round bottom flask 1 L; Retort stand and...
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