1. red elf

    in search of suppliers of raw material

    cooks friends, I'm a beginner chemical producer, I like all parts of chemistry, explosions, drugs and poisons. I opened this topic in search of finding some supplier of raw material for my synthesizers, here in my country is very difficult to find the raw materials EX: coleman fuel, ephedrine...
  2. Hated Chimicals

    Can someone deliver use these products? or aatleast one of them?

    Looking for a vendor 
    4-methylpropiophenone Benzene Bromine N-methylpyrrolidone Methylamine 40% (aqueous solution) Hydrochloric Acid 35% Acetone you can message me on wickr: hatredchemicals
  3. Hated Chimicals

    I want to start as a chemical supplier, where do I begin?

    Hello, I want to start as a supplier for chemicals, for the people in this market. Only I don't know where to start, I have also heard that there is good money in this. i don't have a warehouse or anything, but want to go more into the dropship side for chemicals. For the rest, I also don't...