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CloudCoin a compelling darkweb vendors choice with no fees


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Aug 3, 2022
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CloudCoins network is called RAIDA it does everything that the Blockchain does, only much faster, more reliable and far more efficiently. The RAIDA is already more reliable and efficient, and in the future more nodes and networks can be brought on to perform all the world's transactions within milliseconds. With RAIDA, the work is distributed amongst more nodes instead of requiring each node to do more work (like occurs with the Blockchain).

The cost of electricity and operation is 3,000 times less than the Blockchain. Data storage is minimized. All data can be stored in RAM. The RAIDA is 100% quantum-safe and does not use encryption. The system is fault-tolerant and can withstand government attacks, natural disasters, hackers, and even internal subversion.

The RAIDA is ready for retail and does not require any client download except for a webpage, or small- size client software download of just 5 megabytes. Even though so little storage is necessary with CloudCoin, its security is far more intense.

Is with only a 32-byte private key. RAIDA is authenticated by 400-bytes of unguessable authenticity numbers (like DNA), which also completely change with every owner.

Blockchain processing can take between 10 and 45 minutes (or more) to make changes to the Blockchain. With RAIDA, the whole process takes less than 2 seconds to authenticate a CloudCoin and change the code (key).

The Blockchain is protected from hacking by encryption. Quantum computers run by governments most likely can already crack the Blockchain's encryption A CloudCoin note holds its own information. Authentication data is globally spread out (stripped or shredded) across 25 Clouds per network. With CloudCoin, there is no single bank to rob.

We created the software - first Client Software of its kind for secured Digital Currency Transactions, the First Non-Crypto Ledger to have Data Quantum Resistant Supremacy based on Post-Blockchain RAIDA technology!

Your Transactions with that software are Totally Secure and Anonymous! Your money belongs only to you, and nobody can track your transactions or the amount which is on your account! No-one can freeze your account either!

No Fees, No Tracking, “No Accounts,” No Waits, Totally Secured and 100% Anonymous!

The CloudCoin Consortium has developed an ultra-secure and totally anonymous system for Digital Money Transaction, where you immediately see your money in your wallet’s file system right after the transaction. It's not necessary to install huge amounts of data on your system. The software is only about 5mb and each coin 1kb.

CloudCoin requires no logins, usernames or passwords. And it does not track anything. So, there is no public ledger to look at. CloudCoin does not require a blockchain but operates as an evolution of the DNS system. CloudCoin has "Data Supremacy" and cannot be brought down by hackers, governments, not even the people who created it.

CloudCoin was based on "Theory of Perfect Money" by computer scientist Sean H. Worthington, that spells out how money should be.

The significance of the RAIDA is that now there is a global authentication system that people can depend upon to be Confidential, Available, and have integrity. So, everyone can now use as they wish and can even create their own domain controllers (RAIDA Realms) and then extend permissions and rights to whatever network resources (servers) they control.

In other words, the CloudCoin Consortium has developed a new authentication protocol that allows for complete privacy.

Confidential is one of the main factors, and like physical cash, digital money should not require any accounts, membership, or tracking a database like Blockchain.

Our technology is now being applied to Email and Data storage that can be used to create entire anonymous communities where people can communicate without revealing their identity.