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Methods for making dead drops: packaging, storing and describing


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Jun 24, 2021
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We will consider two options for packaging. Both of them are time-tested and meet the main requirements for ensuring tightness and do not allow water or odor to pass through.

Way 1. Zip lock, foil, electrical tape.​

2021 08 18 13 21

Weigh the staff and put it in the zip lock. Next, wrap it in foil, like wrapping in a roll, then make the first side layer of electrical tape and press it. After that, you should apply the main layer of electrical tape. If the package with the substance is large, then wrap it obliquely as shown in the figure, and if it is small, then wrap the bottom and top with the second layer.

If the size of the zip lock significantly exceeds the volume of the staff, you must fold it and wrap it up.

This packaging method is not difficult to perform, but such packaging does not allow any liquid or odor to pass through. It also has an advantage in low time consumption if you perform all actions sequentially. First, you pack the goods in a zip lock, then wrap all the zip locks in foil, and then wrap everything in electrical tape. So all your movements will be of the same type, fairly accurate and fast.

2021 08 18 13 22

You can find different colors and diameters of heat shrink tubing in hardware stores. If you are using tubes with a thin diameter, the packed stuff will have an oblong shape (as in our example). Such packaging is good for buried dead drops because when a customer digs for his stash with drugs, the likelihood that he simply won't notice it is minimized.

Large-diameter tubes are good for packing heavier stuff.

For packing, we need the following.

  • Lighter;
  • Heat-shrink tubing;
  • Pliers;
  • Dowel (it's easy to push a bag with stuff with it if we use a tube with small diameter).
You should weigh the staff and put it in the zip lock. Bend the tip of the tube with pliers and solder it with a lighter until it squeezes and fuses. Then roll up the bag into a tube and pack it into a prepared tubing, if necessary, you can push it all the way down with a dowel. Finally, seal the pipe using pliers and a lighter.

Advice. It is better to use a different color of electrical tape and heat-shrink tubing if you plan to lay out substances different in composition or packaging principle. That helps not to confuse anything, and in case of problems with dishonest buyers will help you have a better understanding of the situation. If, in the description of the product, you didn't indicate what color the packaging was, then you can always ask the customer about it. For example, if a customer paid for two grams, and claims to have received one, you can ask what color the pack was, and from his answer you can conclude whether he is telling the truth or lying. By changing colors of your dead drops, you thereby do not give the opportunity to prepare an answer to such a question.

Features of the packaging some substances.​

Cannabis. Large quantities. For example, unpressed 5g will take up a lot of space, and you can't carry a lot of such stuff with you in dead drop. But there are no special ways of packing it.

Hash. The main problem is its separation. For slicing, it is best to use a warmed-up straight razor.

Powders or crystals. Usually, there are no problems with them, except with sharp lumps (in rare cases) which can pierce the zip lock. Ensure that that does not happen. Also, some powders have a very strong odor, but that's a personal inconvenience for you.

Blotters. Those are the smallest, inconspicuous staff. The packaging process is default, except a minimum of packaging material is used.

Tablets, capsules. Standard packaging.

Storage of goods.​

An important question when storing drugs: where to hide them? There are two fundamentally different options: in your house or outside.

The main disadvantage of keeping them in a house is the risk that if the police catch you for a small amount, cops will probably search your home. And if they find a large number of drugs, it will obviously not do you any good. Also, if you do not live alone, the risk of your exposure is higher.

Storing large weight outside the home can be organized using hiding places or by renting an apartment: there you can package drugs safely. The presence of a stash outside does not negate the fact that you will pack at home, which might be problematic in the case of living together with someone. If you are renting an apartment, it is better to be friendly with your neighbors and not give them a reason to suspect you of something.

Writing a description for finding a stash.

Dead drops attached with magnets

In most cases, one photo is enough since there is an address of the house, and the attachment point should be clearly visible on the photo. The standard description scheme contains the address of the house where the attachment point is located.


1. (Address). The package is attached with a magnet to the upper-right corner of the lattice near the cellar window. If you are looking from the back of the house, it will be the right corner lattice.
2021 08 18 13 28

2. (Address). The package is attached with a magnet to the left wall of the transformer box, which is located at the back in the corner of the house.
2021 08 18 13 30

Buried dead drops.

Unlike the previous method, one photo will definitely not be enough here. You should show the general view of the area and the closer look on the place where the stash is buried, with the appropriate notes. If the drugs are hidden in the park, it will be very nice if you tell in the description how to get to the right place.


1. You should enter the park from the entrance opposite to (Address).
2021 08 18 13 31

Go straight along the road to a large intersection.
2021 08 18 13 32

Turn right and go to the path into a dense forest near a felled oak tree.
2021 08 18 13 32 1

Walk to a large stone, and below it the package is buried.

2021 08 18 13 33

2. Walk between the houses at (Address) to the abandoned courtyard.
2021 08 18 13 34

Pass along the broken road to the dump, on the left side there will be a heap of scrap metal
2021 08 18 13 35

The bundle is buried under the metal detail of the post.
2021 08 18 13 36

3. If you look at the house (address) from the back, then the stash will be in the flowerbed.

2021 08 18 13 37

Particular attention should be paid to dead drops buried in the ground.

Reread such descriptions several times. The main characteristic of a good description is that it gives the ability to find a package in the ground without photos, only by text. To do that, you must accurately indicate all the turns of the route and tie the location of immovable objects.

When you dig the package into the ground, try covering the place with something that can withstand any weather. It will help the customer locating the place.

Not the best option in the description would be to indicate the distance in meters or the number of steps. It is best to choose only large stationary objects as landmarks because that is how you can find a stash without using photos. Well, if you take a photo of the starting position, all the turns and the final mark, then it will be the best way to store drugs on the street for a long time.

Attention! It's a mistake to think that it's enough to just indicate the coordinates and attach a photo with the place of the stash in the description! This format will not do anything good. Often, when identifying the coordinates of a stash, errors occur. Such inaccuracies can, in some cases, reach several hundred meters. The reason for that may be a poor-quality GPS receiver, changing satellites at the moment, weather, or external interference. Do not hope that it will not happen to you, write detailed descriptions and everything will be fine.

Let's summarize!​

The ideal description of the stash is one that clearly and unambiguously describes it and includes the following.

  • House or building address;
  • The location of the object with the attachment (if the package is on a magnet);
  • To which part of the object it is attached (if the package is on a magnet);
  • Detailed path to the place (if in the ground);
  • Photo with a mark where the stash is located;
  • Geographical coordinates.

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